Dec 14, 2013

Reunion of Two Experimental Writers

Friendship is a difficult, dangerous job. 
It is also (though we rarely admit it) extremely exhausting.
~ Elizabeth Bibesco

Taf Teh is  posting this entry as a welcoming note to our mini reunion. Will be spending time with Di today after a very long hiatus. Yelahhhh semua orang bizi dengan kojo kojo dan kojo dan tampal bedak atas muka.

As usual, the main theme for discussion will be our handsome friend cum writer Encik Fadz from Kububuku. The not so important and yet overly repeated topics will be how many stamps Di has on her passport (which always reminds us of Eat Pray Love movie... uweekkkksss), our plan to make a duo comeback in Indie writing, a never-going-to-happen trip by train to Jogja and Vietnam and Istanbul.

Well, as for Taf Teh, the next writing project should have a touch of Sufism (ala-ala personal tribute to Rumi macam ada seorang penulis Melayu yang buat tribute to Kafka tu... uwekkkss). The bad news is we can never combine Sufism and Gothic writings in one book. Eeeeewat? That will be like pairing a rose petal and a grenade and serve it in a bowl of hot soup. Not feasible at all, not even for an avant garde trial.

This 7 years of friendship is based on our names and identities as fictional writers. Thus we keep very minimal of our real life and let ourselves diluted in fictional journey (pelantar imaginasi?) Yup, we don't know each other real name or age. Btw, Di prefer to maintain sweet 26 all her life and I have to admit that my hairs are no longer pure black.

Pesanan hujung tahun:- Jangan berangan-angan Santa Claus akan singgah ke rumah kamu membawa hadiah. Bye.


  1. hai teh. lama tak nampak di garis masa.

  2. kami ni gemar bertapa la karl...


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