Jan 6, 2011

If you want bling-bling,
stop watching fucking LOST!
~ Gary Vaynerchuk

I realize that that blank page is a magic box.
You know? It needs to be filled with something fantastic.
~ J J Abrams, a film and television producer, screenwriter, director, actor, and composer.
Creator of Lost, Fringe and Undercovers.

You mustn't always believe what I say.
Questions tempt you to tell lies,
particularly when there is no answer.

~ Pablo Picasso

Woman with cloth and makeup is an illusion.
And I am positively unsure when or where is reality.
~ Taf Teh

Tikus mati tengah jalan,
matanya terbuka, dan ia kelihatan gembira
di akhir hidupnya.

Dalam kamus hidup, dia jarang guna perkataan 'suka'.

Kerana dia lebih suka guna perkataan obsesi.
Obses! I-ya! Obsesi ibarat enjin mental
yang menggerakkan jarum saat dan
segala impian dalam hidupnya yang kucar-kacir,
yang sesekali berkoma, bertanda seru dan belum bernoktah itu.

Obsesi itu seksi... dan nakal sekali.

I Am Not A Furniture
Let me pose for you
On bed, under bed
On coffee table, ottoman or sofa
Between home theater system?
Or maybe next to water fountain?
Or balcony? Kitchen top?
In closet? Or do you prefer
in bathtub?

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