Dec 15, 2010

Nothing New Since French Revolution

Insanity is to behave like someone that you are not.
Normality is the capacity to express your feelings. ~Paulo Coelho

Nothing New Since French Revolution
Feeling numb and paralyzed.

I failed to detect any minor or major void in my heart, mind or the purple colored blouse I'm wearing today. Isn't purple is my psycho color that I used every time I want some kind of stimulant before walking out from my house heading towards the routine office life? Ohh what a fake stimulant, and the worst fact, it didn't stay long.

W(d) asked what happen to my stuff. What stuff? That stuff that move and shake your world. The tornado stuff? Yeah. The honest truth is I desperately need to resize, pack and post myself into another dimension, third or fourth dimension, the unreal fictitious world. It's not an easy departure, and once there, it is not easy to come back to reality. Yeah.. that is your stuff. Seriously? That is a delusional world dear and I am sane, ok. Ohh come on, be rational.

I told F(g), maybe I need to grow weed now that caffeine or nicotine couldn't elevate my spirit. I am soulless. Yeah, when are they, these geniuses, going to invent build-in wings in caffeine, I need to fly, fly, fly high. You can fly with pot, let me get for you, she acted like a free agent. Or you can fly to Amsterdam, the land of buat-suka-hati. Ohh come on, give me a cheap or free option la.

A paralyzed human being need to force herself to experience a radical change. Something with high dose of estrogen maybe. How about that? I'm going to dump every overused option available. I am anti-cliche rite. Let's dig for fresher idea. It's hiding somewhere in the Pavilion parking lot, kedai mamak NZ, 7-eleven or 2-Ringgit shop. I am so confident.

After days of thinking, all I plan to do is, start my car engine, drive through out the night to see and feel the city's lights and society's illness at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Reverting to an old cliche is not a sign of evolution at all. I am the cliche. I am the masses. I am a loser. Cliche-masses-loser. What a chemically compatible, politically correct and universal standard to overcome numbness.

Aaaaaaaaaa... Nothing new since French Revolution. The world is still flat.

Nota: Saya mungkin akan menulis Nothing new since French Revolution versi BM jika dada saya meletup-letup ibarat diserang tornado dari Papua New Guinea. Ok, mahu turun bawah, minum petang di kedai kopi di bandar Hanoi bersama H(z). H(z) berjanji akan bawa ubat penenang jiwa yang mengkhayalkan itu.


  1. ubat penenang jiwa..Xanax!

  2. D, amacam? Dalam dunia fiksi I dah sampai Hanoi ni? Cepatlah beb...


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