Sep 15, 2010

Intense City

He reads the words he puts on the screen, forming a train of him deepest inner thoughts. But he only sees a bric-a-brac of nothingness. It's like something put a distance between him and the tale he chooses to follow. Still the phrase was screaming at him, strenuously poking him exactly where it hurts and the pain, he knew it, would linger. It would stay there forever, it would not end.

He lets go a little sigh.The sentence kept turning inside his head, filling every single corner of his thoughts. The dark room was once again embracing him with his shadow that danced around him, teasing him with him phantom scent.

And only him could heal the bleeding wound. The dripping blood that fell into the holy grail that he would keep deep down inside his heart.

She was wearing like a zen monk and I couldn’t stop looking at her. Once in a while, tourist’s footsteps can be heard echoing through the massive room. Sometimes the mild disturbance of the footsteps captures me. When they do, my attention is brought up to my head as though I was a cork rising to the surface of a body of water.


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