Jun 28, 2011

GADAism: Surreal Creative Partner

Gala & Dali

"I thought at first she (Gala) was going to devour me, but on the
contrary she taught me to eat of reality."

"Through Gala, I acquired not only the right to my own life,
but the male and female part of my GENIUS and the ability
to put a distance between me and all my phantasms. The paranoiac-critical
method is Gala first and foremost. Now there are four of us
(woman-man-Dali; man-woman-Gala) exploring the world;
and my work, ever since, has celebrated this new strength...
My appetite became ferocious and my intelligence prodigious.

Since then, I have filled the world with my most wonderful paradoxes
that bring together opposites and antinomic values;
anarchism-monarchy; chaste-eroticism; God's-atheistic-passion;
and classical-baroque aesthetics. All possible variants of the Gala-Dali myths."
~Maniac Eyeball: The Unspeakable Confessions of Salvador Dali.

The madness of a genius.


  1. adatnya, orang belum cukup ilmu hanya ambil baris-baris kata (quote) sahaja...


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