Mar 19, 2010

Writers Dissect Words and Unspoken Words (Discrimination)

Sensationalism I
Every fiction writing is partially factual. Every real story is yearning for fictitious narrative to sound great.

Sensationalism II
A good writer sensationalizes everything, facts and fictions.

Everyone without a bulky cash in his pocket or gold bar in his safety box always let others know how much they hate capitalist.

Mind Factory
The mind is a factory which relies heavily on two elements; inputs (raw materials) and the process of transforming inputs to be outputs.

Women’s hearts are fragile by default.

Intellectual people should worship and respect arguments.
The mind stimulant from this friendship is arguments and the pinnacle is conflict. I love to rebel against your doctrine, a very deliberate provocation, I must say.

Applying discrimination in creative output: Yes, it is a ‘strong’ word.
We should continue discriminating between good writing and bad writing, passionate artwork and lazy artwork, great music and awful music. And let’s abandon and forget anything in the middle.

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