Mar 19, 2010

Writers Dissect Words and Unspoken Words (Escape)

Escape I
Try to comprehend that everyday I will try, relentlessly, without fail, to escape you.

Escape II
I am escaping myself from your manacle.

Escape III
Is this deliberate? I know how much you love the irony of our relationship, but your confusing character is sending confusing signals. As if, we are on a same parallel highway but heading towards different direction. How is it possible?

Escape IV
Fiction writing is a luxurious departure from reality. Writer is a genuine & great faker.

Writing II: Writer should be a great faker.
It feels great when I can fake myself in writing and feels weaken when my true emotion is portrayed in my words and this, subliminally crafted an inner conflict (because I work so hard to detach my real self from the contents, characters, plots and messages in my writings).

{Note}: Escape I-IV are examples of my writing exercise. I believe that writer should engage in experimenting and juggling between words selection and structure and later, observe the different level of emotional depth from this particular exercise. Be a sensitive observant helps a lot in writing process.

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