Jan 17, 2010

Geometrical Abstract

Those who study GEOMETRY use visible figures and reason about them. But they are not thinking of these, but of the ideals which they resembles. They are thinking of perfect line, and so on, and not of the imperfect figures they draw… The visible figures they draw are merely replicas and what they are seeking is to understand the ideals which can be known by the mind. ~Plato

Virgo malady: The core unfavorable feature of a Virgo is perfectionism. While being very liberal when defining goodness and beauty of others, I will be supremely harsh on myself. Everything needs to be perfect, systematic, organized! A missing punctuation in writings can easily distract my reading. Even an artwork needs to portray the right (perfect) color coordination or I will condemn it as a bad or lazy artwork. I have long realized the danger of this feature and has been trying to downgrade myself to be semi-perfectionist because I do understand now that a joyful life does not require a perfect life.

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