Dec 7, 2009


Breakfast at Tiffany

All I need is one large mug of caffeine (preferably an instant 3-in-1) and two to three hours of reading at my favorite corner in my tiny bedroom, accompanied by a second-hand metal desk and books, with a lot of books. This would be my mandatory breakfast routine. Nothing is astonishing as to be self-absorbed with inspiring words in the morning and momentarily vacate myself from actual responsibilities of the days especially working.

It feels so good to be capsulated by wordssssssssss.

Never Ask for Free Trial

Recently, an ungrateful question attacked my mind. “How would it be/feel if I lost one of my senses or any body part that would make be incapable of reading?”

Several days after this ridiculous thought lingered my life, God gave me eye inflammation as a free test. My reddish eyes are painful with a constant aching and I’m now reading (and writing) in mild difficulty, still I can read and write.

I will pray to God, will beg Him to bestow a perpetual ability to read and write. Dear God The Mighty Creator, have mercy on me and please, please, please forgive me...

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